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About Unity School of Education

Our Mission

At Unity School of Education, we love what we do! Rather than taking a single, defined approach to VET Education, we strive to nurture and empower each individual: Our Mission as an education provider is to treat every individual according to their specific needs, so that they are better able to recognize their own power through education and successfully incorporate skills into their jobs and daily lives.


Our Vision

The Vision of Unity School of Education is to create a caring environment, a safe haven where every individual is treated with respect. We strive to achieve optimum results for successful job outcomes. Background Unity School has a long history of about 10 years in training students successfully with desirable employment outcomes.

Today’s world is a challenging and moving environment. The fundamental key to success in today’s business culture is firm concentration, professional training, and a strong belief in yourself as well as the achievement of your goals. Our dedication ensures that you feel at home in Australia, with a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Unity’s commitment will allow you the opportunity to take on this life-changing journey and take full advantage of the experience we have to offer you. The main focus of Unity is that you succeed in achieving your goals and enter the industry culture equipped with the knowledge, confidence and the ability to perform at your best.

Our Courses

Student Support

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Support Services

In order to protect overseas students from getting exploited, various institutions, student associations, state governments, and the federal government provides various support services. Some of these services are: Overseas Students…
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Education System in Australia

Students in Australia are provided support to study collaboratively, learn new skills of problem-solving, communication, and lots of research using innovative ideas. Regardless of the level of study, you are…
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Type of Students Visas

You can study various types of visas in Australia. The main student visa is Subclass 500. But there are other visa subclasses that allow you to study as well. Some…
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Becoming an Education Agent

UED International may strategically approach Agents directly and invite them to become an Agent for the college. Otherwise, prospective Agents can complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form below.

Student Course Guide
Agency Name
AE Global
Aus-Ban International Study Edu-Care Consultancy
Bajwa Immigration Consultants
Bridgemarks Education Solutions
Dream Education Services
Expert Theory Pty Ltd
Express Visa Migration Services
Future Care Consultants
Immi Solution Pty Ltd
International Student Admissions Network
Sky Consultants
Students Solution Centre Pty Ltd.
Visa Aid Immigration & Education Services
Zhi Nan Zhen Immigration & International Education
ZTA International Pty Ltd

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245 Main Road, Derwent Park TAS 7009

Tel: 0362728690


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3/162 Colin Street, West Perth WA 6005

Tel: 0362000430